Adapter Change Management

Change Management

Change Request (Bugfix/Feature)

All change requests are being managed using the change mgmt system Jira. If you would like to request a change please open a ticket against the corresponding project.

Change Delivery

The delivery of changes happens through the release of a RC or a patch release. The change of a given ticket does not automatically become available to the app dev when a ticket is being set to resolved. In order to for a change to become available to the app for testing, it will need to be released.

The delivery of changes is slightly different depending on whether the affected version is an unreleased version (RC) or an already released version.

  • If the affected version is a release, the delivery of the change will be in the form of a patch release.
  • If the affected version is a RC, the delivery of the change will be in the form of a release candidate (RC).

Usually the adapter maintainer will create releases/RC’s on a rolling basis. Please check the respective release document whether the required change has already been delivered in a release/RC. If thats not the case, see “Release Request” below. New releases and RCs are also being announced in #adapter.

Release Request

A Release candidate (RC) is never allowed to be used in the release of an app/adapter. RCs are for testing and internal use only. In case a change or a set of changes are available in a RC, please request a release of a specific RC that has passed the app’s testing stages successfully. In case of a change being already available in a release, nothing needs to be done. The release can be used.

Release Notes