Change Requests

Please read this document first.
And afterwards head over to our issue-tracker (gitea) and create an issue against the corresponding component.

All Change Requests

Please always include:


  • Type: Bug, Feature, Task
  • Short description


  • Affected version
  • Environment
  • Detailed description

The process will look different, depending on the nature of the change request (Bug, Feature, Task..).
Also, the formal structure and the information needed is different. This is defined in the following two sections.


The ‘Bug’ workflow is usually pretty straightforward.

Please structure the information into the following three sections:

  • Description - Detailed description of steps to carry out in order to reproduce the bug
  • Observed behaviour
  • Expected behaviour


The process for a new feature/new requirement is generally never staightforward, really. More on that further below.

Please include:

  • Description of the problem to be solved
  • What are you trying to achieve? (not how)
  • Context: what happened/has changed for the new requirement to arise.
  • Propose one or more solution(s)

What can make a feature request complex:

  • Software architecture aspects
  • Software design aspects
  • Philosophical/ideological aspects