Common Adapter Documentation/Adapters

What a p≡p adapter is meant to deliver

p≡p adapters are meant to make the p≡p engine easily usable from an application programmer’s view. A p≡p adapter does not only adapt one programming language into another. Instead a p≡p adapter is adapting the p≡p API to a programming culture. The culture the p≡p adapter is adapting into is called the target culture. The programming language being used most commonly in the target culture is called the target language. The target language is part of the target culture. There may be more languages in the target culture than the target language.

A programming culture is including:

  • naming: the way to name things and conventions how to spell symbols for different things
  • signatures: designing methods, functions and messages
  • organizing: designing code into objects, classes and modules
  • syntax: what the programming langue requires
  • tooling: tools being common for developers in this culture
  • environment: development environment being common for developers in this culture

Two types of p≡p adapters

p≡p adapter libraries

p≡p desktop adapters