Krista issues:

  • Neal (upgrading Sequoia)
  • Key election removal: We can put the direction into the internal function and associate the username with an identity, that’s fine, but how to reconcile this with the matching heuristic and what are the rules?
  • Releases: we need to be clear about this again - if service is going to put an RC in a product, they MUST consult us and that becomes a release and we start the patch process. We have infinite patch numbers, but once it’s in a product, RCs go away. RCs are internal. We already have two effective releases on 2.1.0 that I didn’t approve and was not informed of.

Volker issues from last week

Volker needs to specification rough group encryption protocol

Will we reply with keys?

No, we will implement temporary group encryption

How is this related to Extra Keys?

Application needs to present all configured Extra Keys

Application needs to show Button to disable Extra Keys per Message; when selected question is asked if it should be disabled generally

Organisational Accounts / Personal Accounts required (default when User creates Account is Personal Account, default when Enterprise Toolkit creates account it's Org Account

Process of Protocol Specification / Implementation

Feature Ticket assigned to Volker

Volker writes Specification

Volker links Specification in the ticket

Volker reassignes ticket to Krista

Krista implements