December 17, 2019

Key reset

  • Move from one-to-one structure btw revoked and replacement fpr to one-to-many is necessary and impacted a bunch of stuff
    1. Database upgrade: primary key change (need to add address to show unique bindings from identity to replacement per revoked fpr
    2. Do we foresee any situation where p≡p supports many-revoked to one replacement? (AFAICS, that would only be OpenPGP compat, so unneeded)
    3. I hate sqlite, in case you forgot. :)
  • Status
    1. Cleanup - have written most of group reset, but had to delve into the above so I can finish it, so cleaning up, compiling next
    2. Testing - coming up next

Broken testcases

  • Next on the agenda, I’ll pick them up while I’m testing key reset above

Documentation Team / Engine Incubator

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