January 7, 2020

p≡p/SWIFT documentation project

The plan is to do a documentation project for p≡p for swift.

Documentation on 4 Levels:

  1. Project doc template / consulting product (rw-)
  2. Product description of network components (patrick)
  3. Technical description of network components (dietz)
  4. Technical specifications (kelly)

Aspects to be adressed on all 4 levels:

  • Functional
  • Technical
  • Network
  • Deployment
  • Operations

The aim is to keep “p≡p for email” and “p≡p for swift” as close to each other as possible.

Lets bootstrap a CCC Hackerspace Winterthur

  • foundation might financially support it
  • we need a space/room/accomodation
    • al least 60m2
    • Public transport is key
    • Cheap…
  • Sofia has a link, too

p≡p Philosophy Notes

  • A system is secure against an event if the event cannot happen.
  • Trust is needed where security is not there.

  • A security analysis is based on Attack Vectors.
  • Attack Vectors must be identified and removed.
  • If an Attack Vector cannot be removed there must be Detection and Mitigation of events, where this Attack Vector is being used.

p≡p is a privacy project. p≡p is delivering security whereever this does not harm privacy. p≡p relies on the security of endpoint devices. (Endpoint_security).
p≡p is a cost optimization project. We try to make mass surveillance as expensive as possible.