• Sync documentation
    • https://dev.pep.foundation/Engine/KeySync
    • https://dev.pep.foundation/Engine/TrustSync
  • z/OS OpenPGP backend
    • https://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/en/SSLTBW_2.3.0/com.ibm.zos.v2r3.csdd100/abstract.htm
  • switch to p≡p MIME
  • leaving JIRA
  • KeyReset docs: https://dev.pep.foundation/Engine/KeyResetOverview
  • Krista still needs to call/mail Ben
  • Krista will split and document OpenPGP header
  • Krista has contacted Ben - we’ll chat tomorrow
  • OpenPGP header still not split because Krista’s still working on key import (this need for knowing changed keys touches way more code than it should - hopefully the slowdown of traversing data structures isn’t too much)
  • Message 2.1 doc - Kelly is supposed to be available today post-move to discuss it. I think that’s probably a little ambitious on her part, but am ready to discuss it
  • Heck solved the adapter/engine pass-mismatch problem (this should allow the release of meaningful version numbers with binary releases - format is <major>.<minor>.<engine_patch>.<adapter_patch> - Devan seems to agree it’s workable
  • Neal wants to know if we have a test to “ensure we’re sending out the public key/private key when we say we are and not the other one”; he wrote the driver and tests, so I guess I’m going to have to do something to ensure that’s tested. Which makes me nervous. Will do it as part of current work.


  • During the last weeks, some ideas/wishes for changes in the current JNI Adapter came up in the SWIFT team. These include:
    • Exception handling
    • threading model
    • general abstraction level
  • Heck loves that the app wants to drive possibly API breaking improvements.
    • Heck proposes additionally:
      • Engine “all” methods could/should be static => Volker says: “definitely not”
      • pEpJNIAdapter Design considerations (sorry its just notes) https://codimd.pep.security/pEpJNIAdapter-design-considerations
  • fdik: need to be static:
    • getVersion()
    • getProtocolVersion()

On another note:
* can we hire a requirement engineer?