• FIX: Heavy memory consumption - memory leaks
    • JNI-143 - big leak fixed
    • Heck is fighting leaks in order of their size


  • heck had kick-off meeting with chris: https://codimd.pep.security/geary
  • depends on chris to take stuff upstream into geary
  • dbus adapter in the works, discuss at a separate meeting with volker

libpEpAdapter dev cycle

  • strict 1-1 version Dependency to pEpEngine need to get rid of
  • not neccessarry, causing a ot of overhead
  • currently needed because of CI
  • discussing with devan that:
    • The adapter that uses libpEpAdapter defines the pEpEngine version
    • The CI will have to build libpEpAdapter for every pEpEngine release

Answers FDIK:

  • fdik: dep graph has to be taken from DEP file
  • fdik: dependencies need to be resolved recursively from top to bottom
  • fdik: stack then needs to be built from the bottom up

Project Organization (fdt)

  • heck proposes: https://dev.pep.foundation/Software%20Projects%20Overview
    • Good Idea?

Good idea! fdik likes this.

Group Encryption

  • Heck is writing small spec for adapter developers
  • Heck is starting to write dummy backend (LIB-12)