Release discussions

  • goal: support only as few as possible, ideally only 1 release for engine and adapters each.
  • releases happening on consensus (compromises can also happen) HECK: That is actually already the case since 2 years+
  • major/minor releases happen on thursdays - patch releases can happen anytime
  • RCs==testreleases can be provided fdt-internal via tags, then adapter-maintainers can check on it

Versioning scheme

we decided to follow SemVer 2 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_versioning#Semantic_versioning) which is similar to what we are doing already. only exception (but still semver 2 valid) is we prefix a ā€œvā€.

Scheme For Releases

format: v{major}.{minor}.{patch}
example: v2.1.54

Scheme For Release Candidates

format: v{major}.{minor}.{patch}-RC{rc}
example: v3.2.0-RC8