NetPGP’s API is used as-is as much as possible, and will be changed only with approval from current maintainer. When feature are missing in that API, then it is not extended, but feature is implemented in pgp_netpgp.c, using NetPGP’s internal pgp_* API.

In libnetpgp.so, pgp_* symbols are available (i.e. not declared static) but corresponding header files are not part of the netpgp install. NetPGP install was therefore extended to include those headers, no placed in $PREFIX/include/netpgp/.

NetPGP’s internal pgp_* API is extended arbitrarily to fit need of pgp_netpgp.c. Every change is that API is reflected in implementation of libnetpgp, and other NetPGP tools to ensure they still work as expected.


Curl is used to fetch key from keyserver, and pthread to workaround missing handle concept in NetPGP.

  • netpgp
    • openssl
    • zlib
    • bzip
  • curl
    • (lots of deps)
  • pthread