p≡p TrustSync

TrustSync is a protocol of the p≡p Sync family, like KeySync. It is defined in pEpEngine/sync/sync.fsm.

The aim of TrustSync is to make it possible that Ratings for Channels to Communication Partners are synchronous among all Devices in a Device Group. Therefore, TrustSync is synchronizing:

  1. Key material of Communication Partners
  2. Default Key information for Communication Partners
  3. Trust information of Communication Partners

State Machine Model

For the State Machine Model see also KeySync#state-machine-model.

Sync Communication Channel

See also KeySync#sync-communication-channels. Because of the properties of the The Sync Communication Channel TrustSync is implementing two ways of synchronizing data:

Active Mode

In Active Mode the Device, which is implementing a change to any data mentioned above, will send out an Update message to the Device Group reflecting the change.

Passive Mode

In Passive Mode a Device, which learns not to be up to date any more, will send a Request for update. Other Devices, which are receiving the Request, will answer with Update information.