Enigmail pEp/enigmail_pep_dev_env

(Debian-) Linux

this dev env uses users for a relatively clean environment -> create a new user. you can use it without, but it will take some liberty in doing things in certain places

  • take a debian stretch
  • install mercurial
  • clone https://pep.foundation/dev/repos/enigmailpEp/
  • cd to repository root
  • run as root linux/dependencies_debian_9.sh to install dependencies - or install dependencies by hand.

for a build do the following: - create two symlinks where you want to build, e.g. in your homedir - common -> $repo_root - Makefile -> $repo_root/Makefile - run make - optionally run make enigmail to also build an enigmail xpi, but usually the nightly builds from enigmail.net work as well the binaries will be placed in build/

running enigmail/pep

create a new thunderbird profile cd to profile dir: ~/.thunderbird/… (by default it contains a random string) - configure the mail account - unzip build/enigmail-debian-…zip to thunderbird profile dir - install enigmail addon - not the version from addons.mozilla.org, you have to install through addons-manager/extensions-> wheel -> install from file

now you should be in enigmail/pEp mode, indicated by the enigmail/pEp entry in the menu bar



brew install gnupg gpgme libksba ossp-uuid boost libevent # ^ don’t care where /usr/local/bin/gpg points to afterwards )

touch .release ./BUILD.sh

./BranchSet.sh ./BuildZIP.sh

now find your artifacts in ./build/

ls build

You may upload with

./Upload.sh darwin

Linux (variant Docker)

if you have docker (e.g. Docker Community Edition, stable) https://github.com/docker/docker-ce https://www.docker.com/community-edition

run: ./LinuxBuild.sh

now find your artifacts in ./build/

ls build

You may upload with

./Upload.sh linux


./EnigmailBuild.sh ./Upload.sh xpi