macOS Adapter

p≡p macOS Desktop adapter


This adapter will sport three main features:

  • p≡p API via Apple XPC
  • p≡p API via p≡p JSON adapter
  • p≡p Update Client


These steps must be executed to have a deployable version:

  1. shell environment

  2. build nettle

     CFLAGS=-I$HOME/include LDFLAGS=-L$HOME/lib ./configure --prefix=$HOME
  3. build gmp
  4. build ICU
  5. build boost
  6. build openssl
  7. build libetpan-fdik
  8. build cryptopp
  9. build downloadclient
  10. build webserver
  11. build zlib
  12. build libiconv
  13. build sqlite3

  14. build sequoia

     make MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET=10.10 PYTHON=disable PREFIX=$HOME install
  15. build pEpEngine
  16. build pEpJSONServerAdapter
  17. build pEpMacOSAdapter

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