p≡p from an application developer’s perspective

Scope of this page

p≡p’s documentation is addressing four different target groups of people: engine developers, adapter developers, application developers and end users (P2P) or technicians (M2M). This page is addressing application developers.

p≡p is a fairly complex concept inside. The more automation is added there more p≡p is becoming easy to use for end users. But the downside of this is that p≡p’s complexity is growing. While at some places the complexity is created by combining of otherwise simple things there are parts of p≡p, which are complex to implement in the engine.

p≡p has the goal of never being complex for the application developer, though. The required complexity must be covered by the p≡p engine, and the p≡p adapters are expected to cover that application programmers using p≡p are shielded from unwanted complexity so they can concentrate on their own tasks. The emphasis of Software engineering is always reducing complexity as well as complexity management. p≡p is no exception to this rule.

This page is there to collect the overview documentation on how to use p≡p from an application developer’s perspective. Each feature topic of p≡p is going to have a page written from this perspective. This is the overview page about them.

Feature topics

Feature topics already documented from this perspective

Documentation to come